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Little Berry Burst (Free embroidery pattern)


Image of Little Berry Burst (Free embroidery pattern)

This free pattern is based on the same style of Hungarian Matyó embroidery as the Faraway Garden and Cabbage Rose Fancy embroidery hot iron transfer patterns available here.

While much smaller and less extensive, this little design is a great way to test out Kate & Rose embroidery patterns, and try your hand a folklore embroidery project. I originally designed it to have something quick and simple to stitch on a summer top. Shown here worked with satin stitch for leaves, petals, berries, and stem stitch for stems and vines. But feel free to stitch it any way you like: it would also look great outlined with split stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, back stitch... anything you can think of!

I also wrote a tutorial about how to embroider this design on a t-shirt. The pattern prints to two pages of US letter or A4 size paper, with nested test squares (1" by 1" and 2 cm by 2cm) to ensure the printout is the right size. Page two of the pattern contains simple stitching diagrams for Matyó embroidery.

To download the PDF pattern, DON'T add this product to the cart but instead download it on this page>: http://kate-and-rose.com/product/little-berry-burst-embroidery-pattern/